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Entrepreneurship: How technology offers new business opportunities in education – by Cody Hodge – Helium

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See on – Rotary in Scotland The one thing that will never die in this world is the quest for education. See on

day 2 of 2013

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country, sourceThe figures for the 1st of January – show approximately 360K births in one day and 155K deaths during the same period. This information stimulates creativity in a multitude of directions, which should be ‘gold’ in the hands of any serious entrepreneur. If you are looking to start a business, provide a service; target […]

Integrity Intact

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Hi Folks A motivational post perhaps. I have a group in ‘Linkedin’ which has the title ‘HITT’ squad. [HITT = Honesty, Integrity, Truth & Trust] the desire is that members will take these core ideals and keep them to the best of their ability in all that they undertake – personally, professionally, in Business & […]

Youthful Years

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Hello again when I made up the draft titles I had ‘youthful years’ in my mind, since that time – my own ability has improved and I’m getting back to feeling youthful again. So many thanks have to go to so many people who have encouraged, supported and motivated me to continue to do my […]


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It was 20 years ago, I realised that I would soon be declared surplus as a result of rationalisation of resources. I was also approaching my 40th birthday within the next 18 months – you would have thought that perhaps my world would start to fall apart all around me – but the opposite happened. […]