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Keep Working It: How to Stay Fit in the COVID-19 Era

18th September 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

An article by Sheila Olsen – Sheila contacted me asking if she could provide some ‘motivational’ links in an article. The material and links are all from Sheila. Therefore I can take no credit. With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect, non-essential businesses remain closed all across the globe. Unfortunately, this means that […]

A ‘positivity pandemic project’

20th April 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

For the past few days, I have been contemplating how best to engage as many of the creative and philanthropic entrepreneurs that I have met throughout my life and network. Also included, are the multitudes of Rotarian contacts that unitedly have the end desire to ‘do good in the world’. The third group which I […]

Positivity – 101

15th April 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Day 1 of your planned ‘project’ can begin to start, whenever you wish. You have been shown how to break down the day into smaller tasks, to allow you to achieve each of the tasks, which you set yourself. You will also be able to plan for potential ‘blocks / delays’ – and know what […]

The ‘positivity’ – outcome!

14th April 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

A few years back, mainly through sharing my ‘Golden 50’ ideas, I was able to collaborate with others to set up various ‘business networking’ events and opportunities, which were then taken on by others, who have managed to make their own form of small business from them. I even got invited to be a regular […]

My daily ‘positivity’ diary

12th April 2020 by JimmyMBE 1 Comment

I promise that the titles for each post, will now become more relevant to the content. I am using this Easter weekend to establish the beginning of this new venture. Looking back over the posts from Good Friday and Easter Saturday, I realised that I never mentioned how I used to structure my daily diary […]

The Daily dose of Positivity – 2

11th April 2020 by JimmyMBE 1 Comment

Following on from the 1st ‘daily dose of positivity’ from yesterday, here is day two. To recap, you were to start the day with a ‘gratitude’ shower, acknowledging 3 elements that you are grateful for, e.g. grateful for a good night’s sleep perhaps; thanking your partner and family for their continued support; etc.. In the […]

A daily doze of ‘positivity’

10th April 2020 by JimmyMBE 1 Comment

For the past couple of years I have been on the journey towards becoming a District Governor for Rotary, in the West of Scotland. There were many lessons to be learned and much information to be shared, to help prepare me for the task ahead, which I started to undertake on the 1st July 2019. […]

District Governor News – 11

1st January 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Jimmy’s 2020 VISION! Issue 11 JANUARY 2020. District Governor Elect – DGE Angela. Is off to International Assembly (IA) during January, for the District Governor Training. If you do not attend, then you are unable to take up the post of District Governor. Therefore, this is a very important journey. I recall my experience from […]

District Governor News – 10

1st January 2020 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter Issue 10: DECEMBER 2019. My Rotary 2020 Vision would be this, I have been inspired by rotarians in The West of Scotland,  District 1230 –to the extent that I have a desire to encourage ‘collaboration’ with others in our communities. Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs Rotary – under President Gail Savage, are currently […]

Jimmy’s monthly newsletter – 9

30th October 2019 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Issue 9: NOVEMBER 2019. As our District Conference has now finished, I have to give a tremendous thank you to the District Conference Team – also I wish to thank the Rotarians for registering and participating. The general feedback I am getting from several sources is, that everyone enjoyed the speakers and realised that they […]