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let’s do something positive…

2nd January 2017 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Tragically, so far this year (i.e. 24 hours) there has been almost 3,000 suicides around the world, from data that I have access to. Surely, these folk should have had the opportunity to talk with someone, perhaps some business or local authority could provide suitable work – to enable a sense of purpose. Surely society […]

Integrity Intact

31st July 2010 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Hi Folks A motivational post perhaps. I have a group in ‘Linkedin’ which has the title ‘HITT’ squad. [HITT = Honesty, Integrity, Truth & Trust] the desire is that members will take these core ideals and keep them to the best of their ability in all that they undertake – personally, professionally, in Business & […]

Making any Dream a Reality

28th December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

A thought struck me during the Christmas break, with so many stores open on Christmas day I was aware of the multicultural society that I am living in – yet I was not really a part of. I have Chinese friends, Malaysian friends, Indian and Pakistani friends, and others, one an Iraqi friend – who took time […]