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Integrity Intact

31st July 2010 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Hi Folks A motivational post perhaps. I have a group in ‘Linkedin’ which has the title ‘HITT’ squad. [HITT = Honesty, Integrity, Truth & Trust] the desire is that members will take these core ideals and keep them to the best of their ability in all that they undertake – personally, professionally, in Business & […]

NEW year = NEW opportunities

1st January 2009 by JimmyMBE No Comments

When you read the initial part of this post, you may wonder why is it in ‘Successes’ – read on. During 2007 / 2008 – ill health resulted in seeking early retirement. Although heartbroken at leaving a great job, it was necessary that time was taken to consider health and wellbeing. The sadness was lifted at the […]

Positive links

21st December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

As the site grows and the network of members increases in number, it would be great to have you share some of your positive links to other sites which have inspired or encouraged you. It would be great and indeed most supportive, if you as members felt able, comfortable with and confident enough to also feel encouraged to share […]


19th December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

It would be great if we were able to highlight Successes achieved by you as a result of your participation in this network. Until that happens, perhaps you can report and share opinions on some of the successes that are going on in the world today. Communication is never 100% perfect and this network could be the […]


16th December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

It was 20 years ago, I realised that I would soon be declared surplus as a result of rationalisation of resources. I was also approaching my 40th birthday within the next 18 months – you would have thought that perhaps my world would start to fall apart all around me – but the opposite happened. […]