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Olivia Giles – 500 miles

9th October 2012 by JimmyMBE No Comments

An astonishing insight to fortitude and human endeavour, Olivia Giles brought a tear – as I admired her outlook on life and the targets she has set and so far has achieved – is the external show of the strength of character that this young lady has and is willing to share with those […]

Incredible Insight

9th June 2009 by JimmyMBE No Comments

Last week Mr Jim McColl of Clydeblowers shared an incredible insight to the growth of the company during the past few years, how he managed to encourage the workforce and other businesses – including his competitors in some fields – to share the vision and move towards being the leaders in their sector in 5 years. […]

What a difference a ‘skill’ makes

22nd March 2009 by JimmyMBE No Comments

If you sing that to the tune – ‘what a difference a day makes’, it should help brighten your day. Well, you may ask why did I start with this particular heading – it was due to an amazing set of circumstances which came about as a result of a number of activities and networks […]

Be honest and up front

4th January 2009 by JimmyMBE No Comments

This particular issue has been with me for 40 years, since I first got involved in doing voluntary work. In the current economic climate you can still give as much and even give more without it hitting you financially – Ooooooh! I can hear you thinking – this sounds intriguing, well it is very simple […]

Positive links

21st December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

As the site grows and the network of members increases in number, it would be great to have you share some of your positive links to other sites which have inspired or encouraged you. It would be great and indeed most supportive, if you as members felt able, comfortable with and confident enough to also feel encouraged to share […]