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Appreciation Day

18th March 2016 by JimmyMBE No Comments

I have been very busy the past week or so and had a great time with friends and colleagues. Today was almost a rest day and as I thought about it, I realised that I hadn’t thanked everyone for there support and encouragement. Therefore I decided this was my first ‘appreciation day’ and I shall […]

Enthuse; Engage; Educate; Empower;

18th March 2016 by JimmyMBE No Comments

After yesterdays ‘appreciation day’, I started to think about those that I need to work with in the future to take projects forward. Therefore the title above in the blog post is part of my strategy to do just that. Enthuse, I have to get folk talking about the projects and wanting to hear […]

Positive Features

12th January 2009 by JimmyMBE No Comments

The PositiveAttitude.Me site will have a number of general features which will be open to the public and these will be the window to the site, to allow us to showcase some of the great features which are available or will be availabe to subscribing members. It is our intention to provide all subscribing members with […]


16th December 2008 by JimmyMBE No Comments

It was 20 years ago, I realised that I would soon be declared surplus as a result of rationalisation of resources. I was also approaching my 40th birthday within the next 18 months – you would have thought that perhaps my world would start to fall apart all around me – but the opposite happened. […]