Release your inner Einstein – video 2

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Hi Folks, here it is, the second video for the ‘release your inner Einstein’ project.

I really think that I would like to record it again, with participants this time, to help it flow more smoothly.


let’s do something positive…

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Tragically, so far this year (i.e. 24 hours) there has been almost 3,000 suicides around the world, from data that I have access to.
Surely, these folk should have had the opportunity to talk with someone, perhaps some business or local authority could provide suitable work – to enable a sense of purpose.
Surely society has the capacity to listen and support others who are close to being another statistic in the next 24 hours.
Come on folks – can we do something to help prevent another soul from ending their own life?

Happy New Year folks

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Planning to update regularly again, linking to new ‘video’ blog being done in Google+ and fb

The video blog aims to help folk release their inner Einstein… take the crazy ideas they have, explore the options and perhaps help them become entrepreneurial with the idea and even launch a business if possible.

Search trends in Scotland

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Hi Folks, have been having a tremendous time working on some of the projects – myrentals; 10-two; 4hexample; and the multitude of education topics.

While working towards bringing these to market, I have had to do a great deal of data mining, which has been such fun and has allowed me to have a great respect for other creatives out there.

The Nobel Prize, recently announced during this month – shows the breadth of research and the lifetime of work done by a broad range of individuals and institutions.

Also, recently announced, for the X-box game ‘overwatch’ – has been new ‘loot’ boxes, being released just in time for halloween. There is also – Gears of War 4 releases.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC RX100 – new camera has also been released – and yahoo / verizon communications buy-out seems to be going through.

I shall attempt to bring the top 5 trend searches each day for your consideration.

Myrentals, learning mandarin

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Hi folks
thought it would be worth sharing that we are doing a course on Chinese Mandarin, learning the basics so that we can at least greet visitors from China to Scotland.

We may not be the best speakers of the language as of yet, but the fact that we are making a positive attempt to learn, will no doubt stand us in good stead.

Today was our third lesson and we hope to be able to move forward into basic ‘coffee conversation’ in the near future, speaking about arranging meetings; the time; the weather; how many cups of coffee or glasses of drinks; etc..

The language structure is fascinating, the character build up and the tones used in sentences are also quite intricate, even a simple change in tonal speaking – could convey the wrong message. We were learning to move our hands in the direction of the tones and it soon looked as if we were doing some form of ‘Ti-Chi’, which was seen as very funny by our tutor.

Keep a watch on this blog for further ventures – [ni hao]

Post 101 – this makes it sound like an OU lesson, but I’m the learner here..@myrentalstweets

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‘But now, the end is near – we start to face the final curtain’…not a direct quote but close enough.

Only a couple of weeks left in the espark incubator, it has been great – the support, encouragement and most of all – the enthusiasm from the young entrepreneurs who are all in the Glasgow office….many thanks for all your input.

We are currently looking for other premises to call ‘home’ for myrentals – striving to keep within the city centre and its environs.

If you are able to host raw, young, talent (as well as a ‘silver surfer’ olderpreneur) then take time to respond to this post. We are all about collaboration, we want to promote our VIP business partners – those people; places and businesses, who perfectly define each location.

The front facing website is 95% complete – only to finalise our secure payment facility. While working on a ‘FREE’ guide – we have managed to identify a series of opportunities to provide further unique and additional support to customers who book on-line with us and accommodation providers who list with us. We are looking to see if we can extend some of these, to include our VIP business partners too.

The weekly post will continue, as well as posting them in a blog, with associated ‘twitter’ feeds…striving to build the ‘brand’ profile, through various social media channels.

Please continue to watch this space…

Appreciation Day

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I have been very busy the past week or so and had a great time with friends and colleagues. Today was almost a rest day and as I thought about it, I realised that I hadn’t thanked everyone for there support and encouragement. Therefore I decided this was my first ‘appreciation day’ and I shall attempt to have at least one each month in future.

It is not often that we take time to thank those around us who enhance our life and extend our skills, as well as providing us with opportunities to achieve more. would not exist if my friends had not told me to gather all my ideas and thoughts and strive to share them in a business environment, whereby either I or some other entrepreneur could take the idea forward and earn a suitable living from providing the product or service.

I have altered some of the information in other areas of the site, to show that I have developed a more structured outlook to what I wish to achieve. If you find some of the blog posts enthuse you to consider being involved, drop me a line and we can communicate.

Enthuse; Engage; Educate; Empower;

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After yesterdays ‘appreciation day’, I started to think about those that I need to work with in the future to take projects forward. Therefore the title above in the blog post is part of my strategy to do just that.

Enthuse, I have to get folk talking about the projects and wanting to hear more about each one. What exactly the product or service is and what it will do.

Engage, by providing this greater insight, that will lead to them wanting to know more, then they will become engaged in the process of development.

Educate, as people participate they will learn more about each product or service, they will also have some ownership as the contribute to the development, the action of participating is a major step for all concerned.

Empower, the more they know, the more they will understand and as a result will be in a stronger position to share and teach others about the products and services.

I will then be in a position to appreciate them too, for all the work done, by being enthused; engaged; educated and empowered.

10-TWO Sport Inspiration

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One of the projects being worked on within is the ’10-TWO Sport Inspiration’ range of jewellery. There are pendants; necklaces; charms; cuff links; earrings; phone charms; zip pulls; key fob/rings; lapel pins.

They are available in 3 qualities – Cast Solid Silver (Assayed & Hallmark stamped); as these are all individually cast and hand finished, they are all unique. Sterling Silver, photo etched and hand finished; Stainless Steel, photo etched and hand finished. Each range can be enhanced by adding either precious stones or semi-precious stones of your choice (if available), making them ‘bespoke’ items.

All products are Designed and Made in Scotland.

The tag line for 10-TWO is ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ – a quote from a golfer prior to his final session at a championship, when asked if he was going to win. These ten two letter words have been used to inspire people for many years, now you can wear an item of jewellery promoting your sport or hobby and inspiring you to be the best you can be.

Rotary Training Today

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What a great event with the club Presidents for next year, superb open discussion on communication and using current social media.

So often we assume that the silver surfers are behind the times, when in fact they are setting the trend in a lot of cases, Rotary is one of the worlds largest ‘voluntary community service organisations’ each members and friend of Rotary has a heart as big as a ‘basketball’ when giving to support the lives of others.

There are 1.2M members worldwide, a fascinating statistic, which as an organisation is starting to realise its potential for engaging all sectors of society, young and old – as within each sector there are those who give a ‘service above self’ to help others – at home; in school; in work and in life.

Today we heard some great stories from individual clubs about the stunning range of activities being done, locally; nationally and internationally – all relying on collaboration – within the club working together, or with partner clubs in the same district or in another part of the world.

We heard about sharing skills, so often we ignore the talents of those in clubs or friends who support club activities – well today we had an opportunity to contribute to a Rotary inspired project, which we hope will engage and enthuse all ages and perhaps have them seeking to find out more about how they can make a difference.

Thank you everyone for a tremendous day, thank you for your open frank remarks, thank you for your honest feedback and most of all, thank you for being there and sharing – you made a difference.