Posted by JimmyMBE - 01/02/18 at 12:02 pm

Hi Folks

During last year – the server hosting AARANDEE Ltd was held to ransom by hackers – since then I have moved to another ISP and as a result have to rebuild the site from scratch – which is very good – as it allows for new ideas and developments to be implemented.

I shall therefore be promoting all the activities through ‘Positiveattitude.me’ for the foreseable future. (until new site is up and running). As it is we are working on the development of a number of projects and these will be shared here.

The projects are in various sectors – Rotary (5 different projects – all with fundraising opportunities at the core) they range from consumer projects; through board / card games; into computer games and mobile apps’.

Education & Engineering – (numerous projects linking education & engineering, as well as – merchandising; etc. Also under the education element with be several projects / products related to autism.

Engineering – several projects which may range from ‘social enterprises’ to ‘power generation’ using offshore… these may also provide new business / work opportunities and sector growth.

I hope there is enough here to whet your appetite and if you wish to be involved as a collaborating partner, let me know.

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