Enthuse; Engage; Educate; Empower;

Posted by JimmyMBE - 18/03/16 at 04:03 pm

After yesterdays ‘appreciation day’, I started to think about those that I need to work with in the future to take projects forward. Therefore the title above in the www.aarandee.com blog post is part of my strategy to do just that.

Enthuse, I have to get folk talking about the projects and wanting to hear more about each one. What exactly the product or service is and what it will do.

Engage, by providing this greater insight, that will lead to them wanting to know more, then they will become engaged in the process of development.

Educate, as people participate they will learn more about each product or service, they will also have some ownership as the contribute to the development, the action of participating is a major step for all concerned.

Empower, the more they know, the more they will understand and as a result will be in a stronger position to share and teach others about the products and services.

I will then be in a position to appreciate them too, for all the work done, by being enthused; engaged; educated and empowered.

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