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Posted by JimmyMBE - 21/02/15 at 02:02 pm

As one of the projects under www.aarandee.com Martin and I pitched ‘MyRentals’ to the business mentors at Entrepreneurial Spark in Glasgow, we had hoped to gain a place in the hatchery for 6 months to help us consolidate ‘MyRentals’. As chicklets we would be given guidance and support to build the business.

Imagine our surprise and shock, when after the 3 and a half day bootcamp, which was quite intense, we were accepted in to the program, as nestlings, that is stage two, where we are supported to grow the business over the next 12 months. This was a phenomenal boost to us and the focus to succeed has gone up exponentially as a result.

After the intense bootcamp, I have relocated to the ‘FREE’ office space provided by the ‘entrepreneurial spark’ program and getting back into a daytime work routine has been a rapid upward curve to take in, especially as there were two days that required me to stay later from 5pm to 7pm. Both of these events were so worthwhile, as the information shared was invaluable.

During the first week in the new office I was able to rationalise our ‘MyRentals’ outlook to ‘the business canvas’ being promoted by the ‘entrepreneurial spark’ program. I will focus on doing the same rationalisation with the ‘MyRentals’ financial plans and forecasts.

The bonus which has come through being in the ‘nest’ program has been the interaction with so many other entrepreneurs, all willing to provide support and share hints and tips, to help take our work forward. We have also been encouraged by offers from the others in the program, to help build our site content.

It must be stated that ‘MyRentals’ has also shared information and ideas in return, creating two way traffic of support and encouragement. I look forward to the next few months, which appear to forecast a lot of work and opportunities.

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