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Posted by JimmyMBE - 01/03/13 at 09:03 pm

GoGetFunding Project..

I like ideas that provide opportunities which give to others, this one recent idea though has a greater twist and it started a couple of days ago when a friend gave me a link to ‘KIVA’ – the site which links prospective funders with micro businesses in areas around the world, facilitating micro loans to allow others to help themselves.

You already know that I like to recognise folk that give “above and beyond” – well this young man, had been giving honest reviews in ‘Trip Advisor’ on places he had visited, – they rewarded him with a $25 donation which he gave to Kiva – very neat.

On exploring further I was well aware that he was also developing a new project (he has been working on it for a few months) I have been watching it develop as we had been chatting about ‘charitable work’ being done in the local communities where his projects would be located. I hope that he manages to team up with Rotary which is a passion of my own and I know that they (Rotary) have just launched their new areas of focus, which will sit nicely with the ‘charitable’ aims of this man’s new business project.

The link above, takes you to a site that will allow you to be involved in the final push to get his project launched – the really neat part is the payback, you will gain 50% on top of your donation, i.e. give $100 and you get $150 back when it’s finished, so simple math’ will show if you give $667 and you will get $1000 back…..

So what? you may ask… well, what if? – you then gave that enhanced payback bonus to charity… it could be KIVA; Rotary; B1G1; even the new planned ‘MyRentals Foundation’…. I find this an ‘inspiring idea’ and ask that you strive to be involved.

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