Google Earth and Worldometers

Posted by JimmyMBE - 08/02/13 at 01:02 pm

I normally do my best to identify and promote ‘good news’; ‘charitable works’; ‘successes’; ‘motivational’ elements in general life, that others are doing, this one though is from me…

During the past year, I have been having loads of fun with the facilities in ‘Google Earth’ – striving to see how it’s use can enhance work that I’m doing with others and I’m managing to identify a whole range of uses that I can add to my ‘education / training’ portfolio.

I’m also trying to use it in conjunction with data gained from the ‘worldometers’ site which I mentioned in a previous post quite a while back, when designing or creating new products / services.

I’m combining the information from these sites with data that I am striving to gather – relating to several potential service provisions, initially for one particular aspect – but the possible growth and development has shown that there may be an exponential jump – should I manage to complete my ‘thinking skills’ tool.

The data available from both facilities has me tingling with excitement as I explore potential uses for friends that I am working with, so far I have managed to enhance their expectations and also generate their creativity to see how they can best use these facilities within their locations.

There is a possible ‘application’ that can be made – if I only knew how to code… the development cost could be prohibitive, but equally, if it works – then it could rival many of the major players and take social media services to a creative level.

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