Stow College & Peter Jones Entrepreneur Academy

Posted by JimmyMBE - 29/09/12 at 04:09 pm

What a great evening at the launch of the new ‘Peter Jones’ Entrepreneur Academy at Stow College.

Stow College is the only Scottish College to provide such a course at present, therefore many will be watching for the success of the students.

It is hoped that we will have an input and perhaps share some of the tremendous achievements that we have posted on in this blog, indeed – there will be a great deal of information to share regarding potential opportunities for the young entrepreneurs to follow.

If you have any projects that require the skills of a young researcher, willing to explore the concept; design and manufacture prototypes; explore avenues to market and design a marketing strategy – then share them here and we will ask the students to consider them for a couple of percent equity.

If on the otherhand, you wish to seek the skills of those who already do all that, let me know and I’ll pass your details onto my team.


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