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Hi Folks

We need your input – and would value some indication on what you want to see regularly on the ‘POSITIVEATTITUDE’ site, we have asked previously that you use the forum to let us know what you would like and so far no one has actually done so. Therefore this appeal is DIRECT to you the readers… tell us your ‘GOOD NEWS’ sories; let us know about ‘CHARITABLE WORKS’ you are involved with or know about; share with us your ‘MOTIVATIONAL’ links or experiences; and provide us with details of ‘SUCCESSES’ that you are aware of which can inspire others.

Currently working on a new site which will help ‘anyone’ learn ‘anything’ with ease – if there happens to be an outstanding ‘web developer’ among the 730 subscribers at present – then let me know.

There are so many ideas that we wish to use to help ‘motivate’ folks and where possible lead to ‘success’ for them as they perhaps – pick up on an idea and run with it and turn it into a small business.

All we hope to gain in return is that they do some ‘charitable work’ for others and share the ‘good news’ – mind you, if we get a 10% – 20% share – if the idea grows into something substantial …. well! (If you don’t ask – you don’t get).

The structure will be in some type of exploration adventure, where the participant has to make choices in which direction they wish to go for the next step, that does mean – if they are not planning and recording what they do and what they find out – they may miss some very important information – just like real life.

If you think you have the skills and wish to collaborate and do not mind giving freely to others in society – please respond.

Stay well, take care and good luck in all you undertake.


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