Phenominal Facts and Opportunities

Posted by JimmyMBE - 02/02/11 at 11:02 am

During the past couple of months, family illness caused a focus on each day and brought about an understanding to be prepared for anything.

While time passed, simple searches on the web brought about some interesting facts, one from the ‘worldometers’ site ( ). As I looked at the figures, it dawned on me about the phenominal opportunities which were being presented.

Unfortunately, the data is not broken down into individual countries, that though provides a great opportunity for development and presentation for marketing data for the future – if you wish to tackle that as a ‘niche market’ field for development, let me know. ( ).

The current world population today was showing as rising as I watched – and at 10.00am it was 6,901,420,100. That is a big market for anyone to consider, made up from over 192 nations / cultures – each with their own specific mix of needs and desires – differing climates, locations and environments.

10% = 690 Million potential customers
  1% =   69 Million
0.1%= almost 7 Million

Therefore a market penetration of only 0.01% would still provide close to 700,000 potential opportunities for any particular product or unique service. Covering a range of ages and cultures – which is why it would be worth seeking a further breakdown of these figures, or at least looking to the figures closer to home.

Some of the data provided is already indicated for you, an example would be – 12,367,107 births since the start of this year on January 1st 2011 – think of all the support services required? – doctors, nurses, midwife, ambulance, telephone services, etc, etc.

12 Million baby bottles?; clothes for 0-1 month?; pacifiers?; nappies?; liners?; talc?; soaps?; shampoos?; dishes?; rattles?; soft toys?; prams?; buggies?; car seats?; baby carriers?; cots?; bedding?; etc… and that is just for the baby – add on potential gifts, cards and celebrations for the family, wooohooo! 

What a phenominal opportunity – that figure could in fact be duplicated every month providing a potential 144 Million births over the course of a year – I am sure that you will be starting to see where I’m coming from and going to, by now.

I’ll go to the other extreme to close the post today – since 1st January 2011 there has been 5,403,661 deaths. Tragic as this may be, the family left need support, there are the related services just as outlined above, along with cards, flowers, etc. I’m thinking way out of the box at this point and see a potential market which we need to bring to the forefront and help family to get closure – watch this space???

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  1. Deby says:
    February 2nd, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    Great article Jimmy, numbers are staggering! Gives me some hope of success as a fledgling entrepreneur 😀

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