Posted by JimmyMBE - 22/10/10 at 01:10 pm

A tremendous bit of engineering excellence – which should not be sold to a breakers yard but have its life extended in a completely new role as a base for humanitarian work around the world.

It has its own water desalination plant on board, can you imagine what that could do in areas of drought?

It has a massive surface area to place solar panels – to generate power, it has workshops, medical facilities, accommodation, all of which could be converted to provide a service to those in need.

The ARK ROYAL could be used as a training workshop for apprentices; a school; a college; a university – catering for a whole range of skills, from engineering to marine biology; from electronics to medicine; from agriculture to hydroponics… the opportunities are endless.

I have spoken to a number of friends and colleagues all of whom agree that such a superb vessel should be used in providing such a service to those in need.

If you happen to have a contact in any of the following please respond:-

The Royal Navy; The UK Government; National Media (TV / Radio / Newspapers / Internet broadcasting / etc); philanthropists such as – Bill and Melinda Gates; Tom Hunter; Duncan Bannatyne; Rotary International; Red Cross; Medicine sans Frontiers; Ann Gloag and her Mercy Ships; etc..

There will be a campaign launched to encourage you to get involved, can you imagine the opportunity that can be offered to those who have retired early and have skills to share, those made redundant and who think they are on the scrap heap but still have skills to share, young folk looking for training in a broad range of careers, voluntary organisations needing to get resources and equipment moved around the globe to areas of greatest need.

Do your bit to make the ARK ROYAL the ROTARY ARK.

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