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Posted by JimmyMBE - 21/07/10 at 04:07 pm

In an attempt to continue the flow of double headings, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to praise and thank the folk at Southampton University and The Smallpeice Trust, who were running a ‘Supercomputing in Engineering’ course for senior school students.

The Smallpeice Trust is an ‘Engineering / Education’ charity which promotes all aspects of engineering as a potential career path, to young folk.

The course was supported by ‘Microsoft’ and I have to mention that their representative who attended for one of the days – managed to spend quite some time chatting with me and to say I was ‘MOTIVATED’ would be an understatement, what they have planned for later in the year is awesome.

All you folks who are into ‘X-box’ be prepared for a new opportunity in interaction with the technology available.

I was also introduced to ‘Skydrive’ and other related storage opportunities – do some research folks and take up your FREE storage facility.

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