Building Bridges

Posted by JimmyMBE - 02/01/10 at 04:01 pm

The question which should be asked is ‘why do we need bridges?’ –

and the simple answer is that by building bridges we can travel, go on a journey, cross over to other experiences of life as other see it… the journey will inform and educate, it will provide new insights and bring strength to the participant.

One particular bridge I would like to share comes from youtube –  this will take you to the stampwithease advert….. but while you are in there you should start a search for Nick Vujicic, his video’s are inspirational and will change your outlook on life from that moment forward, if you would prefer to go straight there, then here is a link to one of a range of video’s – he will motivate you.

Well, enjoy your journey in 2010 – make it happen……


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