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Posted by JimmyMBE - 01/01/10 at 11:01 pm

A positive start to 2010 is very much the order of the day, we have below a shortlist of potential recipients of the first PA.Me Awards.

The PA.Me Award is a simple certificate and a special limited edition lapel bar – for the inaugural recipients.

There are so many other worthy initiatives / projects / activities / individuals – who came to our attention that they may well be recognised during 2010 – we have decided therefore to introduce some Amazing Additions to include ‘special award’ dates, e.g. – valentine’s; easter; summer holiday special; halloween; guy fawkes; christmas; etc. by identifying special linked initiatives like:

Starlighting (Rajan Kaura) & Visibility

The first potential recipients for work done in 2009 are:

International – organisation – Rotary International (for all programs: in particular GSE)
                     – individuals   – Bill & Melinda Gates (Foundation) – for their $200M Challange

National       – organisation – Marie Curie (Big build)
                    – individuals    – Bob Tomlinson – (Polio projection initiative on national landmarks)

Local            – organisation – Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs Rotary Club
                    – individuals    – Bill Christie (baxterbear initiative)

We will post relevant updates on these as they arise.


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