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Posted by JimmyMBE - 26/12/09 at 03:12 pm

It’s winter time, actually ‘Boxing Day’ 26th December 2009 and you may think that I have lost it when you read the following – but in a strange kind of way I thought it was inspirational – even if it was a ‘kiddies’ christmas holiday movie.

I thought, what a great way to end one year and start a new year – so look out 2010, here we come…

The movie was about a small zebra brought up in Kentucky, next door to the home of the derby. As the zebra grew it had the desire to be a race horse, but it wasn’t. It had the desire to race against the thouroughbred race horses, although it had the desire and the strength of heart – it lacked the necessary training and support team to collaborate with.

To cut the long story short, the training team came together, circumstances happened that the zebra got the opportunity to compete and the self doubt began – the support and the training began to pay dividends though and when the chips were down and all else seemed to have been used to the maximum – the desire and strength of heart helped over the final furlong to gain the prize.

I immediately thought of all the friends and colleagues I have in various networks, all the associates I have with small and medium enterprises, all the entreprenuers and developers who are working away on ideas, all my Rotary family who are using every last energy to raise funds and serve others above self.

What an inspirational outlook –

‘so let 2010,
be the year,
we do it again and again,
without fear’

‘show some ‘Zebra Zest’,
in all that you do,
and just give of your best,
it’ll see you through’

Have a great start to 2010, remember to be the vibrant voices of ‘Positiveattitude.me’ – there are some prize winners being selected for 2009 and they will be posted on January 1st 2010 – the prize winners will be given a certificate of appreciation, in recognition of their outstanding positive attitude, locally, nationally and internationally – they will also be given a lapel badge ‘ATTITUDE=100’ – these are limited supply and are therefore quite rare – (perhaps a future sponsor will make these simple recognitions more worthy).

Positively Yours


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