Youthful Years

Posted by JimmyMBE - 12/12/09 at 04:12 pm

Hello again

when I made up the draft titles I had ‘youthful years’ in my mind, since that time – my own ability has improved and I’m getting back to feeling youthful again.

So many thanks have to go to so many people who have encouraged, supported and motivated me to continue to do my voluntary work, in particular to continue to invest my time, experience, expertise and remaining small amount of funds into the new ‘development’ project that I am working on.

It will impact upon a number of sectors in society, education – business and personal development elements. I am also striving to produce an electronic version for use with ‘smartboards’.

To help fund further development work I asked a friend to help make a short promotional video of one of the products that I bought a franchise in, initially to raise funds for my ‘young engineers club’ activities – now that I have retired, I have still to pay the franchise and therefore need to start promoting them as a business product which can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Take a look at the you tube and help make it a legend. – your responses would be valuable.

p.s. notice the subliminal adverts for the hotel, the food outlets and stampwithease…


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