Posted by JimmyMBE - 09/10/09 at 12:10 pm

H’mmm – would you accept that is the size of polo shirt I need? It could also signify my outlook and my personality…

I was meeting a young lady for lunch not too long ago, she had never met me before and asked how would she recognise me? My response was quick, I asked her if she watched basketball? To which she replied -oh! are you black and tall – my response was just as quick again – no! I’m more the shape of the ball.

Seriously though, I am having a great time at present, the past is behind me and I am working to shape the future, for me, you and anyone else who wishes to be involved.

I have a wonderful gift in my family and friends, they are very supportive of the various projects I am working on and I know that they will impact on people in the near future, bringing to some a tremendous opportunity to develop themselves and their business.

One of the other websites I am working on will be the outlet for the tools being developed, to allow anyone to ‘LearnWithEase’. A further site that I am developing with a business partner is’10-two’ a product design site. The ‘Positiveattitude.me’ site is being constructed with another business partner, who shares the same outlook on giving and sharing with others.

As you can see, a number of opportunities to grow and expand – all of which can be copied and implemented by anyone who has a desire to help others around the world. Perhaps you will start by becoming one of the ‘vibrant voices’ indicated in a previous post. You may even try and build FREE – a small business through www.me2everyone.com/146121 which is offering people the opportunity to be involved in a new venture to see the power of the web from a different perspective.

Let me know through the forum, if you have any stories to share, stories of ‘good news’; ‘charitable works’; ‘successes’; ‘motivation’.


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