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Posted by JimmyMBE - 24/08/09 at 09:08 am


After my last post, I want to try and encourage something positive by offering a challenge to the world – I am looking for ‘VIBRANT VOICES’ you will become the vibrant voices of to search out all the items locally, nationally and internationally which show the elements of POSITIVEATTITUDE.ME‘Good News’; ‘Charitable Works’; ‘Successes’ & ‘Motivation’. Once your articles start to flow, then you will be given rights to post directly into the blogs.

Join the forum and place your items into the forum, ensure that you add your media if any, also exercise your responsibility and do NOT submit any offensive material. (it has dawned on me that some may find my views offensive – I can only record my apology – and as no one has yet let me know…. I shall continue)

The ball is now in your court, this is your chance to shine – remember this strapline as I will be using it when we launch – ‘The POWER of .ME is in US’ –  we must collaborate and participate we must support and encourage, for together we can make a difference.

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