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Posted by JimmyMBE - 13/07/09 at 10:07 am

Since taking early retirement, I have found my creativity again – so I thought I would share some little stories with you all which you may find a source of encouragement and motivation.

www.positiveattitude.me was started at the end of November – start of December, to try and address the ‘doom and gloom’ which was being promoted in all the media. The announcers would report that 12% of the eligible working population were unemployed (this was bad news) – although, did they also promote that in that case probably 88% of the eligible working population was actually employed – GOOD NEWS! I would have thought.

Other media outlets decided not to promote the good news aspect of any story – whereas, www.positiveattitude.me will strive to find a positive outlook on any item or story which we have shared with us. Try and see the positive aspects of a situation that many are speculating on today.

An example would be, the amount of media coverage on the ‘war’ – war of any type is NEVER good news it can only bring bad news and suffering – why then must we keep returning to the past. We cannot change that which has already taken place, we can though – plan for the future and strive to ensure that it is not repeated (unlike the media coverage, again and again).

The families of those who died need to know that the sacrifice of the life given will have a value, it will lead to a true and lasting peace, the death would not be in vain. Therefore, use this opportunity to put effort into negotiating a just settlement to the conflict – look forward to the future.

The life has not been lost as long as they are in our hearts and minds, as long as we recall the happy and sometimes sad episodes that we shared – then they will live on forever as part of us all, as we play, socialise, travel and work.

The hurt that we feel is ours, the loss that we experience is ours, do we really believe that our loved ones would want us to continue through life constantly beating ourselves up, letting ourselves go, not striving to make their sacrifice worthy?

Celebrate their life, celebrate their memory.

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