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Posted by JimmyMBE - 11/07/09 at 08:07 pm

The power and passion of other humans can never be measured, charitable works can be seen in a multitude of guises and I will share some of these with you at this time.

I was fortunate to be selected by my District in Rotary to lead a team of young professionals on a ‘Group Study Exchange’ GSE. The team were complete strangers to each other months before we left, they worked together on various tasks and soon bonded as a team and this showed through during the GSE visit as they cared for and supported each other.

Small elements such as remembering an anniversary with a card, sharing time to listen to specific needs, working for each other, ensuring quiet time when required and preparing food whenever possible.

The hosts, opened their hearts and their homes to complete strangers – they gave of their time, they shared their pride and passion of their community and also allowed participation in their fundraising events.

While we were visiting, we heard that a team leader on another exchange had been put into a situation that could never have been expected, the care and compassion shown and the lengths that other Rotarians would go to to help out during such a difficult time, were phenomenal.

We also heard that Bill and Melinda Gates had donated $200M towards the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign and that they had put a challenge before all Rotarians around the world to match that fund over a 3 year period. I heard recently that Rotary has so far managed to raise $97M towards that target.

Phenominal stories are being shared of young people in their early teens – giving their savings of a few £??up to £1000 towards the appeal, stories of young folk arranging various events in their schools and their local communities, to contribute towards the appeal – they are not even Rotarians – what a superb story to share.

The caring for those in the world with less than we have, particularly when the media only seem to be promoting a financial doom and gloom scenario that is only affecting a minority of the world community and ignoring the superb stories of personal sacrifice, voluntary work, sharing and caring for others less well off – you deserve this mention – not only this once – but again and again..

Thank you for showing us the way that we can survive and grow – through caring and sharing.

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