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Posted by JimmyMBE - 07/07/09 at 11:07 am

The (dot)me people, who own the domain for (dot)me, contacted me recently, indicating that they liked the idea of the possitiveattitude.me site and thought it was a good use of the domain.

That got me thinking about the site and it’s role – the fact that I want all the participants to share their good news, charitable works, successes and motivations – once the site is launched and also the fact that I want you all to have your own ‘positiveattitude.me’ e-mail address – got me thinking again.

ME – an individual candle, giving some light in total darkness, a very small beacon – easily put out and soon lost….. BUT….. US a united group of candles which provide a great light and will easily cover the fact that a single candle is out, WE are therefore able to carry it on until the single candle is alight again.

The messages of GOOD NEWS, CHARITABLE WORKS, SUCCESSES and MOTIVATION can only become the beacon of light if we are all working together and supporting each other, taking an active and participative role – using our small individual candles of inspiration to show the way to others and inspire them to great heights.

Thank you to the (dot)me domain folk for the inspiration given in your e-mail message –
let US work together and support all the participants and help the site to grow exponentially and take its place in the realms of electronic communication

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