Noahs’ Nonsense?

Posted by JimmyMBE - 17/06/09 at 11:06 am

I am sure that everyone has heard about ‘Noahs’ Ark’ – he built the ark in the middle of the desert plain nowhere near a water source and he took the animals in ‘two by two’ of every kind.

Well, if he was about in our day and age he would certainly have been registered with ‘mental health’ problems at least – and a ‘crazy guy’ at best.

My minister though has highlighted a couple of life lessons for us all and in particular for those who think they have ‘mental health’ issues – I have added to his topic points – read on…

1. Don’t miss the boat (i.e. plan always to be in plenty of time, think about potential obstacles and make allowances)

2. Don’t forget, we are all in the same boat. (i.e. we are very quick to blame someone else when things go wrong – e.g some of our elected politicians – if we had been better prepared and kept our eye on the ball and not let people get away with things – surely it would have been a better situation all round for all concerned – we have compromised our principles too much and accepted a less lawful society)

3. Plan ahead it wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark – (he was saving for a rainy day – we are too quick to spend and buy on credit – save towards whatever you really want and it will be all the more precious when you eventually get it – and sometimes you soon realise that you never needed it in the first place and you are in a position to purchase an essential at the appropriate time)

4. Stay fit – when you are 600 years old, someone may just ask you to do something really big. (i.e. no matter what age you are, will you be able to rise to the challenge and be fit enough to see it through?)

5. Don’t listen to critics, just get on with what has to be done (this is particularly shared with young folk – don’t let the bullies force you to follow like a sheep – stand firm on your own strength of character and others will soon recognise your value as a true point of reference in life)

6. For safety sake travel in pairs (or at least let family or friends know where you are and when you hope to be there, or when you intend to be home – that way if a crisis does arise they can track you down, particularly if it is you in trouble and you need help)

7. Two heads are better than one (jings, I seem to forget things quite easily if I don’t write them down or share them with someone else who can remind me – there are so many things to do and so many distractions, it’s easy to forget)

8. Build your future on higher ground (no matter where you are, there will always be a time when you feel out of your depth, make it easier on yourself by looking towards higher ground, it will reduce the risks and allow you to have a clearer view)

9. Speed isn’t always and advantage, after all, the snails were on the same ark as the cheetahs (back to this idea of rushing out and buying stuff on credit – it can get destroyed just the same in a crisis – the snail does carry some protection?)

10. When you are stressed, float awhile (I like to lie in the pool and just float on my back – it is very relaxing and it takes all the weight off you)

11. Remember the ark was built by amatuers; the Titanic was built by professionals (if things are financially tight, look to your own skills and use them as best you can, work with others, collaborate, barter, support and encourage each other – your skill is special too)

12. Remember that the woodpeckers inside are a larger threat than the storm outside (you can destroy yourself with the constant chipping away at your own self esteem and your feeling of a lack of ability to do things – don’t let it – in the storms outside you may be the only safe place to be – the only one with the vision to see it through – the really sane one among us if you stop the woodpeckers doing the damage)

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