Making Millions

Posted by JimmyMBE - 17/06/09 at 11:06 am

I was chatting with a young asian friend who happens to be a millionaire, he has worked hard and built a large number of property portfolio’s which also have businesses located in them, providing a further income.

He is a genuine young man who contributes a lot of money to charitable causes, locally, nationally and internationally. He can be quite harsh and dismiss friends without realising it – as he has lost a little focus during the current economic climate, as he works at protecting the income.

He asked how I was doing and I told him I was making millions – ‘what!’ he exclaimed ‘How can you be in this economic climate?’ – I indicated that not all riches were financial and during this particular time – as an entreprenuer – another persons’ problem, is my opportunity.

I look at every day as being special, each day has 24 hours, that is 24×60 minutes, which is also 24x60x60 seconds – each and everyone is precious. To put it into real numbers I indicated that is over 80,000 seconds per day, which also is more than a 1/2 million each week and over 2M during the month.

Every second is filled with these precious memories – time spent with friends and family, working with others and contributing to the countless lives that have had a fleeting interaction with what is being done.

I thanked him for the massive contribution he had given over the years – by adding to the richness of my life through the precious memories we had shared and during this economic climate – no one could take away. Your contribution has been priceless and you have just contributed thousands more to it by sharing with me here and now.

THANK YOU. (this is to everyone who has made me a memory millionaire – and you all have made a massive contribution to the richness of my life)

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