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Posted by JimmyMBE - 15/06/09 at 11:06 am

Well, would you credit it? – I was trying to use my double letter headings for each day and have spent most of the weekend climbing the wall as I couldn’t gain access to update the messages – not to worry though – being the positive guy that I am, I was busy getting some more posts ready and although they may appear out of sequence, they will start to make up for the time I was away and unable to post.

This little gem is a story about the boss asking you to do some tasks that may appear meaningless – as you are not aware of what is to come, you may be getting tested (I know I was a couple of years ago – and due to my ill health I never did see the full picture that I was in a powerful position to make major influencial changes for education, that I am now working on)

Back to the story, some of you may remember it from your sunday school days – where the boss asked 2 of the workers to complete a task, (as the boss was needing a reliable leader to manage the estate). The workers were asked to fill a small pond shape with water from a nearby rain barrel, using quite a small container which would be easy enough to carry over time.

The boss indicated that they would be back at the end of the day to inspect their work. After dumping several containers of water into the pond shape – which had several leaks – one of the workers decided that this was a crazy and a waste to use the time and talents doing this – the other responded by indicating – well we’re still getting paid are we not? – We just do the job we were asked – the leaks are the bosses problem not ours – we can tell the boss it needs fixed when we’ve finished.

Well I am better qualified to do work other than this – this is a mugs job – give it to one of the unemployed and off the complainer stormed – throwing away the container. The other worker picked up the container and continued until the task was complete and the rain barrel was empty.

When the worker looked in to check that it was finished a sparkling object caught the attention, reaching in the worker pulled out a chain which was attached to a sealed box – inside the box was a message that indicated that the worker had the task of managing the estate and also other estates around the country – to help complete this new task was the latest and best form of transport which they were to keep for themselves, along with a rise in wages and a large number of staff to assist in completing the tasks.

The reward comes when you see the job through to the end and you fully understand what pleasure can be gained even when you think you will never get it finished – remember that the water you are taking to the pond shape – is in fact draining into the soil and providing irrigation to a whole range of other possibilities that you will not see until they bear fruit in time.

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