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Posted by JimmyMBE - 09/06/09 at 09:06 am

Last week Mr Jim McColl of Clydeblowers shared an incredible insight to the growth of the company during the past few years, how he managed to encourage the workforce and other businesses – including his competitors in some fields – to share the vision and move towards being the leaders in their sector in 5 years.

The presentation was inspirational, as was Jim himself – the reason that he is worthy of a mention though is threefold – He embodies a true success story; he encourages and is thereby motivational; last but not least – he contributes a great deal to charitable works.

I would like to look at a number of individuals just Like Jim who have started from humble beginnings and have managed to become leaders in their field of expertise. Therefore a series of individual insights will start to appear during the next couple of months, some from Scotland and others from Canada, where I have had the honour and pleasure of meeting some incredible people.

For those who should be aware by now – Mr Bill Gates contributed $200M to Rotary to help rid the world of Polio, this has been a campaign of Rotary since 1985 and they have almost eradicated the illness from the globe, there are only four regions (Countries) where it is still endemic (so close – yet so far).

The previous post indicated that YOU could make a difference, OK I seem to be promoting Rotary, that is because I am a Rotarian – but there are many other similar organisations around the world that do a similar task through voluntary participation and these have to be applauded also.

If you want to find out more about Rotary then log onto the site mentioned in the YOUTUBE video previously – if you are having problems, let me know and I’ll try and help you out by providing data from the world club locator.

If you know of any other outstanding individuals or groups who are involved in charitable works then log into the site and leave me a message in the forum.

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