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Posted by JimmyMBE - 08/06/09 at 02:06 pm

This is the first in a series of posts about a group of honourable hosts from the Rotary district 5360, Alberta, Canada. The rotarians opened their homes and their hearts to a GSE (group study exchange) team from Rotary district 1230, Scotland.

The GSE is perhaps one of the worlds best kept secrets, if you are a young professional between the ages of 25-40 and NOT a rotarian, you can apply to represent your home district on a GSE exchange visit to another part of the world. As part of a program that promotes, personal and professional development, social and cultural awareness, as well as a jolly good educational experience.

The program relies very much on the tremendous skills and services of the host district, who look after the team while they are in the district, they arrange the vocational visits, the social activities, the cultural experiences and sight seeing as well as the accommodation with host families.

It was a joy and pleasure to take our team and it was a greater pleasure to meet and stay with our various hosts throughout the exchange. The vocational visits were superb and fitted together as a range of pieces in a jigsaw – without a doubt though the sightseeing highlights were stunning, an example would be Banff in the Rockies – WOW!

The various activities will creep into other posts as we proceed in promoting motivational and inspirational opportunities and experiences to you. If you have any comments to share, please add these and if possible register in the site and contribute your thoughts through the forum – as this will be where we will gather information for the posts.

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