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Posted by JimmyMBE - 08/06/09 at 01:06 pm

This is my first blog since returning from my Rotary visit to Canada – there are masses of great news and motivational posts to come from that visit – it was absolutely brilliant, the Canadians opened their doors and their hearts to the GSE team and made us feel part of the Rotary global family.

Since my return things have been quite hectic at home, indeed before I left they were hectic – but the hospital contacted the social services and they stepped in to help out while I was out of the country – perhaps I should leave more often?

The general goodness I was indicating in the title has come about mainly due to the current media scandal of some MP expenses. – I thought I would do a little exploring and look at some figures and it was sad to note that the media fail to recognise that although almost 10% of the current MP’s were not acting responsibly (I am being kind as their errors have still to be proven in law and the recognised authorities should be involved) – there are still though 90% of our MP’s who are doing a tremendous job – serving the country and the local communities that they represent.

Likewise in our society we spend a great deal of time, energy and effort on the minority of wrongdoers, (it is hoped that the correct authorities are brought in and get involved) thereby ignoring by default the caring majority, who just get on with it each day – those who just do not have the time to waste on the minority of people who are involved in criminal activities. We should be brave enough to remove their privileges afforded as being part of a moral and just society, lock them up for a set period of time.

As a consequence we may in fact compromise our own principles – by keeping quiet when others defraud their employers; or by making false claims on timesheets – or taking office equipment and stationery for personal use – or accepting lifts with drivers who we know have had a drink – or walk with people who litter without any second thought, etc, etc.

Being a ‘positiveattitude’ site – it is essential that praise the majority of people in our society who take responsibility for their own actions- we should applaud their ability to stand out from the crowd who compromise and elect to let the wrongs in society to go unpunished.

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