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Posted by JimmyMBE - 07/03/09 at 01:03 pm

Rotary ‘rules – ok’. We had a great fundraising event last night in aid of the local cardiac rehabilitation unit – nearly 80 rotarians, friends and family managed to raise in excess of £2,500

I am aware of so many other fundraising events going on at the same time, I had been invited to 2 others on the same evening as ours.

All of these charitable activities, going on regularly – to help out deserving causes – locally, nationally and internationally. With little or no publicity or recognition. I know that many folk like to hide their light – but that does not mean that we should not acknowledge the outstanding work done by so many ordinary folk each day.

I had invited a friend and he brought along a business colleague to introduce, well would you credit it – in the gathered mass of people – there were contacts that he hadn’t seen for years – neighbours and friends who had lost touch as folk moved around the country and across the world to do work. It was a total surprise to him and us – but that added dimension brought home the great gifts that we – both have and receive when we share time together for the good of others.

If you have any charitable events and stories that you wish to share and promote, then that is one of the reasons the site has been set up. Perhaps we can even start a thread in the forum for forthcoming events – locally, nationally and internationally. Who knows, if folk are away on business and they happen to be aware of an event close by – they could arrange to support the event, locally, nationally and internationally – now that is ‘Positive Promotion’.

Keep dropping in and please contribute to the forum


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