Getting it right?

Posted by JimmyMBE - 21/02/09 at 10:02 am

What another wonderful week it has been, ignoring the doom and gloom that the media have a tendancy to promote each and everyday of our lives.

I have been out speaking with ordinary people, folk just like you who keep on getting it right. You have a routine each day from waking up, going to work, providing a service, sharing with family and friends, relaxing and sleeping – then it starts all over again.

One young (well perhaps not so young – but not as old as myself) Scottish-British of Indian origin friend (he gave me into trouble for saying he was asian – oops!) contacted me about his business and how he wanted to expand and take on extra staff, this had come about as a result of a meeting I had with him the week before, he had talked about many things, he had shared what was in his heart and in his mind – but had failed to write it down and use a plan of action.

He had taken his new list (which is quite extensive and very forward looking) and started to gather information to allow him to move forward – and he had buried himself in this information, it was too much too soon. In his enthusiasm he had tried to follow all the advice he was reading about from the many business guru’s who have produced books recently – failing to realise that these were guides for him to explore – not tramlines for him to follow.

Take time to get it right, all it took was ten minutes and a reduction of his massive list of ‘things to do’ – and he had his next target in front of him for this coming week, the opportunity that this may bring has provided a platform for some of the other aspects to actually happen as a result of selecting the right target and getting it right.

The purpose of sharing this particular piece of Good News, is that he is trying to create new work opportunities, he is trying to do so by making his business more efficient and cost effective. Efficiency does not have to mean reducing staff and cutting back, indeed – by becoming more efficient and employing and training suitable staff, the business is set to expand and become more effective.

Not only is this Good News, it is Great News for the young folk being employed, great news for the existing staff who have an increased responsibility to share and develop their own skills and also broaden their own range of abilities, it is great news for the existing customers who will gain a more efficient service, it is great news for the local community who gain from the additional trade being brought in through the increased workforce and increased profile and turnover – as a result of one small business ‘getting it right’.

A sample of the ‘Positive News’, brought about as a direct result of the sharing of the aims for ‘PositiveAttitude.Me’ – the site has not yet officially been launched as we are still building content. The impact of the ‘’ ethos – has stimulated this businessman to share his Good News with everyone else. Thank You Rajan.


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