Positive ‘WISDOM’ seeds

Posted by JimmyMBE - 11/01/09 at 06:01 pm

You will all by now be aware that the site is for positive sharing, even in a negative story or action there will always be a positive response. It is the desire of those involved with Positive Attitude.Me – that all contributions focus on the basic categories at all times, GOOD NEWS; SUCCESSES; CHARITABLE WORKS; MOTIVATIONAL – if the input caters for more than one of these or something else, we shall place it in the GENERAL category and if another positive element arises as a category we may transfer it across.

The forum will have a number of starter threads, which will allow exploration and sharing of positive solutions to issues that are related to the forum threads. These headings are being worked on at present.

In the meantime, I would like to plant some positive wisdom seeds in your thoughts and you can nurture these before you transplant the produce of your thoughts into the forum, the blogs or both. I had a TEAM meeting yesterday and used the acronym ( TEAM = Together Everyone Achieves More) with some very positive results and that got me thinking about creating some of our own, that others can start to use, but we know – were born / created in this site. If you find that it already exists, please let me know…..

SEA – (share, educate, affirm) – if you share with the community, they will be educated by your input and perhaps learn from your insight or affirm their own knowledge of the topic you contribute to

EARTH – (encourage, attainment, respect, tolerance, health) by being positive in our contributions, we can encourage others to attain greater goals, to have a respect for themselves and others, a tolerance towards other points of view and a healthy exchange of these positive opinions

WISDOM – (worthwhile, inspiring, self, development, optimises, motivation) wisdom comes from your experience, take time to share it in a positive manner, take time to accept it in a positive manner and participate in self development to optimise your opportunities and ability to motivate others

Have you noticed the first 3 selected key words Sea; Earth; Wisdom? – SEW ! – I am hoping to sew the seeds of wisdom within your heart and within your thoughts so that when you need to access support, the first thought will be to come here. When you need to encourage others, the first thought will be to suggest that they come here.

I also thought about using – FIRE; AIR; WIND; WATER; HEAT; ENERGY; CREATIVITY – alas, I struggled to find a suitable form of words to help support the acronym and also complete an encouraging phrase. Can you contribute to the Positive ‘WISDOM’ seeds?

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