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Posted by JimmyMBE - 12/01/09 at 03:01 pm

The PositiveAttitude.Me site will have a number of general features which will be open to the public and these will be the window to the site, to allow us to showcase some of the great features which are available or will be availabe to subscribing members.

It is our intention to provide all subscribing members with a ‘Daily Positive’ feature, in which will be a short positive message for the day in the site, you will also have your own (name@positiveattitude.me) e-mail address, through which you can promote your own positive outlook and self image to all those with whom you are in contact. (we humbly request subscribers to use that facility responsibly, as in effect – you also become the window to the site and others may be judged by your actions)

There will be a ‘Positive Weekly Post’ feature in the site, which will share some extracted snippets of the various posts in the forum and blog, which will enthuse others to register to see the full article. These will be from the previous week activities with members in the forum and blog. Indeed, there will be a feature article selected for the site each week which will be displayed in full, as a sample of the positive interaction available to members.

We also hope to provide the following features once the site is launched, when we have a few weeks worth of articles that will allow us to compile and display, a monthly ‘Positive Bulletin’ and a regular ‘Positive Mini Video’ Feature, which will showcase some of the work being done or being promoted by the members and the charitable work they are involved with.

The last two features will be selected from the first few weeks of articles and eventually allow us to produce our own short ‘MyPositiveAttitude.TV’ report from those involved in Good News; Charitable Work; Motivational and Successes, be they providers, recipients, workers, fundraisers, etc. All showing Positive Attitude in Action.

Many of these features will only be available to the subscribing members, by subscribing to the PositiveAttitude.Me site, we will assume that you assign permission to allow your material to be used in the promotion of any of the categories or features selected to provide encouragement and be displayed in the front window to the site for the general public to view.

It therefore must also be stated that the views, opinions, articles and information displayed or contained within the site, may not reflect the thoughts and opinions shared by the site providers. To this end we may request that material be moderated to become more suitable to ensure, to the best of our ability, that no offence is either intended or may be taken by any viewer to the site.

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