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Posted by JimmyMBE - 01/01/09 at 04:01 pm

When you read the initial part of this post, you may wonder why is it in ‘Successes’ – read on. During 2007 / 2008 – ill health resulted in seeking early retirement. Although heartbroken at leaving a great job, it was necessary that time was taken to consider health and wellbeing.

The sadness was lifted at the end of October when former colleagues and staff arranged a retirement gathering at which almost 40 former students attended and many more sent an apology for being unable to make that specific date due to other circumstances –

It was a validation that the GOOD work that had been done over the years, in partnership with these young folk, had produced GREAT results, each young student was a success at what they had undertaken and experienced to date, there were superb messages left in the memory book presented to me at the event and this spurred me into action, one specific quote was from Ross:-

“I have been promoted rapidly within my firm, as I use what you taught me – (I don’t see a problem there, I see an opportunity looking for a solution)”, to ensure that the POSITIVE ATTITUDE syndrome be continued and made available to as many folk as possible, The site shall be using the NEW technological processes and avenues as they become suitable. We shall also make sure that we use some more of the inspirational statements from these successful young folk throughout the posts, when required.

I am starting 2009 with at least nineteen (19) different ideas in the planning, each idea also has a number of linked potential avenues to include within the projects being prepared. Obviously, they will require a number of skilled partners to ensure that each idea is maximised and meets the specific target audience. This aspect is being worked on as I type.

I am a 100% person and I have already identified the (19)+ links to provide my ‘GOLDEN 50′ ideas, of which I am currently selecting ’10’ ideas to explore further, from which I will ultimately choose ‘3’ to design and make ‘PROTOTYPES’ for and thereafter concentrate on delivering ‘1’ to market.

The ‘GOLDEN RULES’ facility can be applied anywhere, at anytime, to any situation – (i.e. 50 – 10 – 3 – 1.) They say that you should produce 50 ideas, select 10, prototype 3 and market 1. Thereafter while this one product works in the market for you, another idea can be added to take you back up to your 50 and you select again and so the cycle continues.

The superb aspect about the ideas is that they cover such a wide range of sectors and in many instances there may be a couple of projects being worked on at the same time, providing a much better chance for success.

I should NOT be using this site as a launch platform for other ideas, but if you are entrepreneurial enough and willing to work in collaboration, consider contacting me direct, as it is the purpose of this site to positively encourage and build a ‘positive attitude’ at all times. 

We can sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement) and I shall share those thoughts that I am able to, openly (some are already in partnership with others and I am not at liberty to release specific detail as I do not have complete ownership) it is though worth seeking clarification, as these partners have trusted me so far to speak with some in my network and may be willing to also collaborate in the most suitable situation.

Be POSITIVE that you will have NEW opportunities to explore this year. You can also be POSITIVE that in particular during a financial turmoil such as we have at present, there will be opportunities to look at issues with a different perspective for many businesses – remember what Ross indicated, ‘their problems become a solution waiting to be found’, thereby enhancing your opportunities for success.

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