Magical Insight

Posted by JimmyMBE - 31/01/09 at 08:01 pm

I have been busy this past week chatting to some outstanding individuals who constantly give of their time and expertise to organise, host, donate, fund – some of the most prestigious fund raising events in Glasgow.

I have asked them for permission to do a short interview, they would love to promote the causes that they support – but they wish to remain private, I can completely understand this aspect. If they put their names up here then they may leave themselves wide open to everyone trying to get their patronage for the good cause and charitable work that is closest to their own heart.

I therefore agreed to praise their work and also promote some of the work which is going on around the world, locally, nationally and internationally – which they are supporting. I may also highlight some of the awards and successes that their staff have achieved in their business – this may identify the core of their business but not actually name them or the company.

It is beginning to hit home to me why there is little mention of ‘Good News’ and ‘Successes’ in ‘charitable works’ – in the statutory media, there are those out there in society who have not taken time to meet these really genuine folk, many from humble backgrounds who have worked extremely hard and made a success – who are striving to give back to the community whatever they can.

I applaud and support you, I also understand your reluctance to seek any profile – you do though deserve to be recognised – THANK YOU and WELL DONE – keep up your good work.

I have been given permission to use a superb, high quality location for our interviews, I have been given permission to upload some of the outstanding work that is being done by some of the individuals – I am just waiting for the images and material to be forwarded.

The fact that they are behind the ‘Positive Attitude. Me’ concept and what we are trying to do has been a massive boost and a ‘magical insight’ into the caring community which is only a few steps away from each and every person.


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