Posted by JimmyMBE - 19/12/08 at 11:12 am

So often we are Motivated by something when we surf through the web, or we get an e-mail, phone call, perhaps we read about or attend a conference, or witness an action and see the one aspect that gives us the ‘EUREKA’ moment.

This section of the site will report and share opinions on some of the outstanding motivational experiences that you have in your life. So often the smallest item triggers the biggest change in what you do or how you do it, these are the aspects we would like to bring to the world.

An example I bring would be listening to ‘Chris Moon’ who was speaking on behalf of ‘Leonard Cheshire’ at a conference – his attitude was inspirational and it made me feel humble about my grumble when I felt low. If there was a membership to poll – he would be my first proposal for an ATTITUDE=100% award.

These may have happened to you locally, nationally or internationally – on your travel, work, holiday, voluntary activities or some other leisure pursuit, which removed a barrier for you or shows barriers being removed to enhance the lives of others.

We would also eventually like to recognise and provide awards to these ‘motivational moments’ each year, through a poll of members – we can select recipients – locally, nationally and internationally and perhaps bring an opportunity for much needed publicity to enhance the positive impact that these are having on you and or others.

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