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It was 20 years ago, I realised that I would soon be declared surplus as a result of rationalisation of resources. I was also approaching my 40th birthday within the next 18 months – you would have thought that perhaps my world would start to fall apart all around me – but the opposite happened.

I made a choice to study further in my spare time for additional degrees, ‘knowledge is power’ or so I had heard. It was true, this positive step in my future direction was all it required to transport me into a different sphere of contacts, enterprising folk of the same age who were steering their future. If I had known then what I know now, I would have taken my technological developments and experiments into the business world – but I was happy to try and get young folk communicating through computers in a classroom (who would have thought that the internet would have taken such a massive leap forward)

The POSITIVE ATTITUDE in me was infectious, many young folk took the sparkle that was in my eye and transformed their own futures by realising that anything is possible – with patience, a little hard work and a great network of people to call on, I soon learned that if I could not do it, I would find someone who could.

I recently took early retirement to become an ‘OLDERPRENUER’ (that is, someone who was enterprising – before they started to use the word ‘entreprenuer’). During the past few years my activities have been such that this site has had to be created, to encourage, support, enthuse and network all the good news, genuine successes, outstanding ‘giving’ through good works and the positive attitude ethos, that is in the world today.

Also, only in recent years did I become a member of Rotary, they have a motto ‘Service Above Self’ – well for the past 40 years our whole family had been living that motto and were Rotarians without knowing it. A wonderful worldwide organisation, which along with many other similar type organisations throughout the world, give service to others before self.

We will promote ONLY ‘good news’ on this site, we will encourage others and their achievements, we will support and enthuse members to take their first positive steps – no matter how small, as these are the start to a new journey and a life changing experience – come and join us at

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