Keep Working It: How to Stay Fit in the COVID-19 Era

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An article by Sheila Olsen

Sheila contacted me asking if she could provide some ‘motivational’ links in an article. The material and links are all from Sheila. Therefore I can take no credit.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect, non-essential businesses remain closed all across the globe. Unfortunately, this means that millions of individuals are unable to engage in their normal workout routines at their fitness centres of choice. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to let your fitness and wellness routine fall by the wayside during this time. By making a few changes and adjusting your routine, you can flourish while in quarantine. Here are some practical tips and resources to show you how.

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Incorporate Rest and Relaxation

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Don’t let the quarantine ruin your routine. Consider the resources listed here and make adjustments to keep fitness, nutrition, and recovery a part of your everyday life. Not only will maintaining your health and wellness help you feel better during these uncertain times, but it will also help to foster your immune system so that you and your family can stay safe.

A ‘positivity pandemic project’

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For the past few days, I have been contemplating how best to engage as many of the creative and philanthropic entrepreneurs that I have met throughout my life and network. Also included, are the multitudes of Rotarian contacts that unitedly have the end desire to ‘do good in the world’. The third group which I would like to involve, are all my Engineering friends, who know no bounds when striving to solve an issue facing them.

The ‘covid-19’ issue has impacted on so many lives, our activities have been curtailed and I have had 4 weeks to explore the various potential routes to bring about a global solution. My question to you all is – are you willing to join me in creating a series of products and services, to address these?

Many of us are restricted to home, although our abilities to communicate, research and create – can be shared, new alliances formed and a strong network aligned, to gain an ‘on the job’ experience and expand our knowledge of how best to maximise the skills and experiences of different sectors, coming together to transpose potential solutions and devices, that will generate a whole new business strategy. Email me [ ] if you wish to be involved in this new ‘positivity pandemic project’.

I will share my own (R&D) skills free – for the duration of this project, enabling all my contacts to seek out and use any data which I use to generate my creative list of ’50 golden ideas’, in the hope that we find some nuggets of inspiration and provide us with a route, on the journey to the ‘NEW’ normal, which will surely arise from ‘covid-19’.

A number of young entrepreneurs, provide me with much inspiration, strengthening my choice to follow this route, as I know I have skills to share, along with each and every one who chooses to get involved.

Let us start by looking at our proposed ‘project’ and strive to tackle it in ‘small manageable steps’, rather than set a goal – where we know the goalposts are changing daily, we will look at the several end results and work out the route to get to each of them, being mindful that there are many ‘traffic lights and traffic jams’ on the route, which may hold us up, but will not divert us. Set your mind and be aware that a change is needed, to address the ‘covid-19’ issue at present.

Step 1. – Clear your head and kick start your creativity. We start by sharing our ‘circles of influence’, e.g. family; friends; Rotary colleagues; other charitable organisations; entrepreneurs; philanthropists; venture capitalists, all others with varied skills; expertise; funding and knowledge; make sure that you write them down and contact them, invite them to consider being positively involved in our ‘pandemic project’.

Step 2. – Know the ‘project’ that we are starting to work on, write down what aspects you understand, what solutions you are aware of out in society, most of all – where your gut instinct tells you, that there are either ‘bottle necks’ or a ‘lack of / or no resources’, that will help focus your mind and enable you to set the tasks for each day. Give yourself no more than 3 tasks, which are achievable and manageable, thereby enabling you to know that there will be progress, this positive knowledge will spur on you and the others.

Step 3. – Your plan for the rest of each day, will be to start on these tasks, build in some down time – for relaxation and contemplation, if anything should happen on route – communicate with me and I shall coordinate our efforts, if you have staff who are willing and able to assist in that too, bring them on board. Remember that many are not allowed to ‘work’ if on furlough, this may be one of these hurdles that we will have to overcome, therefore they must look at this ‘pandemic project’ as ‘volunteers’ doing good in the community. Do not let there may be to many traffic lights or traffic jams, that slow down the journey, prepare to manage through them positively.

OK, the first steps of our ‘NEW’ normal – has started. Are you ready to step out and tackle the new day? Let us try and achieve results, there is a ‘golden nugget’ solution waiting for us, when everyone contributes to the plan. Share with your network, spread this project – perhaps like a virus which ‘covid-19’ is; so that we have a positive outcome at the end of the day.

DG Jimmy

Positivity – 101

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Day 1 of your planned ‘project’ can begin to start, whenever you wish. You have been shown how to break down the day into smaller tasks, to allow you to achieve each of the tasks, which you set yourself. You will also be able to plan for potential ‘blocks / delays’ – and know what to do to get through these, without losing any of your positive mindset.

Remember to start the day with your ‘gratitude shower’ and note the 3 things you are grateful for, to set you up for the day. Also, ensure that you have a suitable breakfast, to provide you with sufficient energy, to get though the morning.

You have started to train for the ‘sprint’, but your target is the ‘marathon’ – i.e. the longer term project, with the series of steps set out on how you will achieve that. Start to form your routine and learn to stay with it as much as you possibly can. Be aware, that any small barrier can occur, but as you have built in a ‘crumple zone’ which will allow you to absorb them, you should proceed to reach each step, which you have set for yourself throughout the day.

Ok, you can start the day off by indicating the end of your project, i.e. in my case – I plan to produce a series of blogs; videos; notes and advice for my ‘Positivity’ outcome. Once I have started these, I can offer access to my ‘product’ for a small fee, thereby generating an income which will assist me to fund the ‘charitable work’ I do through my Rotary involvement.

I have identified a route by which I plan to achieve just that: i.e. how will I monitor my progress?

1. Produce the blog posts, to inform you and other readers, that I can provide guidance to you with your project.
2. Produce short video’s, through which I can then show and share how I can assist you to look for your potential sources.
3. The support notes which will be produced, will need to be – for each individual who is seeking my collaboration.

Having indicated my Project and how I plan to implement it and monitor my progress, I can start to look closely at what processes and actions I shall have to take, to achieve my various steps – one small ‘bite’ at a time.

1. Start off with the introductory blogs, promoting a ‘positive attitude’ – and laying out the route I aim to take, to reach the end of my project.
2. Share each blog, through various social media, in an attempt to build traction and generate an interest in what I plan to do and share with any interested parties.
3. Start to think about how I may build in a ‘call to action’ early on in the process, from readers and followers who may wish to join me on the journey.

These initial processes and actions, are linked to plan number 1 on the route, preparing the blog posts to explain what the project is all about.

I shall complete the other plan numbers, 2 and 3 once I have at least a couple of weeks of blog posts prepared and circulating in the various social media options.

From today, you may feel free to get in touch to liaise with me and seek collaboration with starting your ‘own’ project journey.

Take care and stay safe.
DG Jimmy

The ‘positivity’ – outcome!

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A few years back, mainly through sharing my ‘Golden 50’ ideas, I was able to collaborate with others to set up various ‘business networking’ events and opportunities, which were then taken on by others, who have managed to make their own form of small business from them. I even got invited to be a regular ‘visiting entrepreneur’ to the ‘Peter Jones’ Entrepreneurial Academy, which was part of Stow College at that time.

It was great to be able to show the young entrepreneurs on the course, my ‘source’ of ‘big data’ – which I used to stimulate the thoughts and ideas of potential opportunities. They often looked at the screen and when asked to comment on what they saw, they would respond with a comment like – ’the numbers are changing at different rates’; etc… failing to notice, that the numbers indicated to me – potential opportunities?

I have only shared my sources with a few young individuals, to my knowledge, even today – I think I am still the only person that gathers that information, to enable me to build up lists of ideas for my ‘Golden 50’ table.

My other sources, provide access to potential future market opportunities, in which to try out and perhaps capture major sales opportunities. The current ‘covid-19’ restrictions around the globe, have actually had a massive impact on these potential outlets, in the short term. Equally so, the major requirement of various PPE, during this time, has provided an unexpected market for opportunities.

It is important to me though to consider all of my ‘Golden 50’ ideas – and be selective, due to my ‘ethics’ or which my ‘integrity’ will not allow me to take advantage of. This also highlights another consideration – if you make a great living from what you do, then you will be able to ‘give back’ more to the community. It is a weird ‘catch 22’ situation that I regularly find myself tackling. One of my phrases therefore always springs to mind ‘whatever it takes – to make it happen’, providing it is all legal and above board. I hear myself saying that so often and I argue with myself constantly… oh!! the joys of being a ‘creative mind’ – with ethics & integrity??? (my attempt at written humour).

When I start to consider my ideas, I think about the ‘Olympic Games’ – this is a great gathering of many different Olympians, striving to be the best in their specific specialism. The games are held in numerous different environments and the participants use numerous different resources, which allow them to achieve their personal best and sometimes set a new world record.

Your life as an entrepreneur, is going to require that you have the ability to do a 100 metre sprint (it is not necessary for you to be the winner though) – nice as that would be, you have to consider that short burst of energy as the introduction to longer distances and different hurdles, that you must overcome to reach the end. Some of your ideas, will fit nicely into the ‘sprint’ category – but the longer term aim is to have the stamina to keep going, even when it gets tougher and you are competing against many others with the same mindset, your early introduction and preparation will always come through eventually, as you have that ability to put in a final sprint at the end of the marathon.

I mentioned in an earlier post, that I try to swim 1,500 metres at least 3 times each week, it takes me about 70 minutes each time to do that, but so many friends who know where I started from, are impressed with my achievement and dedication to keep going at my age, they also provide constant encouragement. One very successful businessman also shared that he thought that my mindset would make me successful and that he admired my ability. It didn’t alter the fact that I am short; fat; old & ugly… but I can do what I set my mind to do. That is what he recognised.

Take care and stay safe.
DG Jimmy

My daily ‘positivity’ diary

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I promise that the titles for each post, will now become more relevant to the content. I am using this Easter weekend to establish the beginning of this new venture.

Looking back over the posts from Good Friday and Easter Saturday, I realised that I never mentioned how I used to structure my daily diary into 2 hour segments. I always managed to achieve so much and surprised even myself – once I retired and looked back at how full and productive my days were.

It is only when I took time to reflect, that I realised how efficient my ‘time management’ was. Now is the opportunity to establish that again, to help young Entrepreneurs and my fellow Rotarians to have a great life lived to the full with a sense of purpose.

Each day starts at:
6.00am – wash; dress and breakfast.
7.00am – Travel to the pool. [or] Check emails / respond to relevant emails
7.30am – Swim 1,500m. [or] check / research relevant social media
8.45am – relax in the Jacuzzi. [or] work on my ‘golden 50’ projects
9.15am – 300m jogging in the pool; and stretching.
9.45am – steam room.
10.00am – Shower and dress. (go upstairs to ‘my office’) [or] focus on my ‘top 10’ projects
10.30am – morning drink and chat with the staff. Giving thanks and sharing gratitude for their service.
11.00am – Drive home / or arrange morning meeting & light lunch with various colleagues / agencies.
1.00pm – Drive home / or work at home until tasks are completed / or meet with colleagues / agencies.
4.00pm – complete tasks – with 1 hour ‘crumple zone’ if needed / or relax and get ready.
5.00pm – participate in ‘zoom meetings’. [or] research on my ‘select 3’ projects
6.30pm – attend ‘zoom meetings’. [or] focus on taking ‘the number 1’ project to market.
8.30pm – Drive home / evening ‘cold drink’. [or] review the ‘golden 50’ projects
9.00pm – Type up any minutes and or reports / or evaluate how day was / tasks achieved.
10.00pm – relax, watch TV or listen to music, i.e. unwind.
11.00p – go to bed / sleep.

I used to be very ‘proactive’ in my thinking and outlook, then ill health impacted on me and for a short time I was reacting, rather than being proactive.

The aspect of reacting, normally indicates that there is a control outside of you, therefore you are always going to be playing catch-up. Whereas, being proactive means that you are responsible for your actions, fully aware of the potential impact and direction that your work will have.

As District Governor in Rotary, I still have to react to situations which may not have been a focus – a prime example is the current ‘covid-19’ restrictions, but with a short amount of time, then the ability to be proactive and seek the best and most effective route forward, soon takes place.

By being proactive, it makes the choice of ensuring that you prioritise the tasks that have to be done – you are in charge therefore of your time and your direction.

Ensure that you share what you are doing, the element of communication with others, cannot be emphasised more strongly, to enable you to achieve the task that needs to be done and the eventual outcome that is desired. Let’s say – the opportunity to ‘grow Rotary’ during the current ‘covid-19’ restrictions, may be minimal, but the planning to ‘grow Rotary’ as we emerge from the restrictions, will enable opportunities to engage; enthuse and encourage those currently volunteering to ‘do good in the community’, to continue to do so, by choosing to join Rotary and make a difference, by providing a Rotary ‘service above self’.

Take care and stay safe.

DG Jimmy

The Daily dose of Positivity – 2

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Following on from the 1st ‘daily dose of positivity’ from yesterday, here is day two. To recap, you were to start the day with a ‘gratitude’ shower, acknowledging 3 elements that you are grateful for, e.g. grateful for a good night’s sleep perhaps; thanking your partner and family for their continued support; etc..

In the first post, we looked at getting up and getting ready in the morning, then planning tasks that would enable you to move along on the journey towards achieving the project. There was also the suggestion, that in your plans, that it is appropriate to build in some ‘down time’ and I now suggest that you add in a ‘crumple zone’ – that is, a block of time which you can stray into, should you come up against a diversion on your route. Thereby allowing you to still achieve the tasks you set yourself to do.

In doing this, make sure that you prioritise the 3 tasks, you can do this in a number of ways, to determine what the priority is – i.e. one step has to be completed before you can move onto the next step. Or, one step is easier to achieve, giving you a boost early in the day, due to completing a task. Or, prioritise the most difficult task, knowing that once it is complete the rest will be easier. You decide how you are going to prioritise.

In the evening, when you have completed your tasks, record these successes. This will positively reinforce the feeling of achievement. It is also worthwhile noting any points that helped, or lessons learned along the way, while completing the tasks. You may also wish to jot down any thoughts that arose, which may lead to further opportunities, or methods of improving, any similar task next time.

Your positive mindset during the day, will also allow you to note all the elements for which you are grateful, thereby giving you a good platform to build upon the following morning. That is you reaching the end of day 1, in your dose of positivity.

Each day that follows, should have a similar pattern throughout the rest of the week.

  1. Know the ‘project’ you are starting.
  2. Start each day with your ‘gratitude shower’ which has you calling out the 3 aspects that you are grateful for.
  3. Plan your route for the day, in small steps – which are measurable and achievable.
  4. Record all your successes and possible opportunities which may arise.
  5. Include any road blocks that you had to overcome, so that you know how to tackle them next time.
  6. Take note of any lessons learned and identify potential improvements, if appropriate.
  7. Relax and have free time, particularly at the end of the day, noting what you are grateful for.

You should notice quite quickly that you are making progress, particularly if you make your steps each day, reasonable and achievable. You will be able to stretch these steps as you proceed, this may be through doing more, or being able to complete a more difficult task, in the time which you have allocated. You will also become more adept at spotting potential blocks and diversions sooner.

I remember that when I was in Engineering, the work was ‘time planned’, based on the skills of individuals doing the task previously or doing a similar task. It was appropriate to ensure that any ‘unexpected’ hold ups, were reported to the production engineer as soon as possible, so that it would not impact negatively on others who may be waiting.

When I was in Education, my timetable for the day was well planned and there were ‘down times’ for preparation and evaluation, built in to the day. I also realised that extra-curricular activities, could be done, provided that no undue pressure was placed on those involved, they also had to plan their project, the exact same way as shared previously. I found that although I thrived under pressure, others did not, they needed to tackle their work differently, as a Rotarian and leader in the community, strive to be mindful of the different needs of those involved.

The Entrepreneurial experience, which is the basis of sharing this ‘daily dose of positivity’ has given me faith in my abilities; I can be creative and I quickly learned that I also have to focus. I will share my ‘Golden 50’ project creation, later in the series, as well as sharing my ‘bare / bear facts’ series also.

I agree that these two elements may be designed to tease – I hope therefore that you will look forward to what comes next. Day one is complete; now all you need to do is select and repeat for the rest of the week.

Take care and stay safe.

DG Jimmy

A daily doze of ‘positivity’

10th April 2020 by JimmyMBE 1 Comment

For the past couple of years I have been on the journey towards becoming a District Governor for Rotary, in the West of Scotland.

There were many lessons to be learned and much information to be shared, to help prepare me for the task ahead, which I started to undertake on the 1st July 2019.

Recently, the ‘covid-19’ issue has impacted on many of our Rotary activities and I have had a whole lot of learning to do in the past 3 weeks, so much of it was never shared during training, it has been on the job experience and it has been great. Thank you all for your patience and contributions.

I decided therefore to restart my ‘’ link, in the hope that you find some nuggets of inspiration and determine to join me on the journey to the ‘NEW’ normal, which will surely arise from the ‘covid-19’ lockdown.

A number of years ago, I used to attend a ‘monday morning success club’ in the city centre, the organiser ( John) and so many of the young entrepreneurs who also attended regularly, provided me with much inspiration, that resulted in my self-esteem coming back and subsequently this gave me the choice to follow the District Governor route, as I knew I had skills to share.

John, always told us to look at our proposed ‘project’ and strive to tackle it in bite size chunks, rather than set a goal – where the target might be moving constantly, look at the big end result and work out the route to get there, being mindful that there may be a few traffic lights and traffic jams on the route, which may hold you up or divert you. Don’t let that upset your mindset, be aware and accept that a change is needed, just like our ‘covid-19’ issue at present.

Bite size 1. – start every morning with your shower, to not only clear your head, but also to kick start your creativity. While you are in the shower, (you might sing? – if that’s a gift!!) but, initially – start with calling out the 3 things that you are grateful for, make sure that you write them down once you get out the shower, dry off and get dressed – ready to start the new day.

Bite size 2. – you know the ‘project’ that you are working on, write that down also and that will help focus your mindset on the tasks for the day. Give yourself no more than 3 tasks, which are achievable and manageable, thereby enabling you to know that there will be progress, the positive knowledge will spur you on.

Bite size 3. – plan your day, with these tasks in mind, also build in some down time – for relaxation and contemplation, if anything should happen on route – remember that you are aware that there may be traffic lights or traffic jams, that slow down the journey, but you are prepared and capable of managing through them, with a positive mindset.

OK, that is the morning, of the first day of your ‘NEW’ normal – started. You are ready to step out and tackle the new day, the next post will look at how you get through the day and achieve results, sometimes there may be a wonderful ‘surprise’ waiting for you, when everyone contributes to the bite size plans you have put in place and share with them. Your positive mindset has started to spread – perhaps like ‘covid-19’; but you have a positive outcome at the end of the day, even with the issues trying to steer you off route.

If those you interact with, appear to have the ‘negative’ virus, then suggest that they self-isolate and return when they are able to give of their best, show them that you care and that you want them to be and do well, as they are your vehicle to those you serve. Look after your colleagues and they will look after your clients and the business.

District Governor News – 11

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Jimmy’s 2020 VISION!

Issue 11 JANUARY 2020.

District Governor Elect – DGE Angela. Is off to International Assembly (IA) during January, for the District Governor Training. If you do not attend, then you are unable to take up the post of District Governor. Therefore, this is a very important journey.

I recall my experience from January 2019, it was exciting; exhausting; exhilarating; extensive; extraordinary; exceptional; extremely tiring – I think I’ve jut put all my ‘ex’ in one sentence… (think about it !!!!!) – did you get it? [ all my ‘eggs’ in ‘one basket’! ]… ok it was a very poor joke… I tried though. I also would like you to try as well – to put all the information into the DMS (data management system) and mention your achievements in Rotary Central. Please ask me for assistance, I would be very glad to help, you deserve to be recognised for all that you do.

As Angela, begins her own ‘District Team’ training – when she returns from International Assembly, to us here in Distrct 1230 – the West of Scotland. It is important that we Rotarians ensure that we step up to the mark and do our utmost to participate and share in the duties we agreed to undertake, when we joined Rotary, to provide a ‘service above self’ in our communities.

During all my visits to each of our local Rotary groups, I indicated that I would be looking to present awards and recognise our outstanding Rotarians at the District Governor’s handover lunch in June 2020. For me to do that, I need your responses. It’s like writing school reports, I see the potential in you, therefore – show your work to get the rewards and maximise your achievements.

DG Jimmy.

I want you to tell me the following, these are ‘YOUR’ nominations from your own Rotary Group and like they say – ‘you have to be in it to win it’. You may nominate from NOT only those in the following positions during 2019 / 2020. You may choose to nominate a committee representative, for any one category, or all categories – should you wish, as I want to recognise their outstanding ‘service’, which has been identified by you. NOMINATIONS have to reach me by the end of the 11th March 2020 District Council.

I need you to tell me in your own words, who you are nominating and why?

TOP ‘President’                    – (if more than one is sharing, be selective)

TOP ‘Secretary’                    – (or assistant, if appropriate)

TOP ‘Treasurer’                    – (or assistant, if appropriate)

TOP ‘Foundation Chair’     – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Membership Chair’    – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Projects Chair’            – (or committee member)

TOP ‘MPRC’                         – (or committee member)

TOP ‘Youth Chair’               – (or committee member, or Rotaractor; Interactor; Rotakid)

TOP district ‘A.G.’                 – (i.e. your area Assistant Governor)

I shall chat with the District Executive, to select:

The TOP ‘ROTARY’ in the District;

The TOP ‘PROJECT’ in the District;

The TOP ‘Members recruiter’ in the District;

As well as many other nominations, that we see as appropriate.

The TOP 3 for each category will be informed that they have made the short list, and they will be referred to at the lunch, prior to the announcement and presentation of each award. Therefore I humbly request that you have a representative from your Rotary attending.

District Governor News – 10

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Jimmy’s Monthly Newsletter

Issue 10: DECEMBER 2019.

My Rotary 2020 Vision would be this, I have been inspired by rotarians in The West of Scotland,  District 1230 –to the extent that I have a desire to encourage ‘collaboration’ with others in our communities. Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs Rotary – under President Gail Savage, are currently negotiating the opportunity to ‘collaborate’ with the ‘Fundraising Team’ for ‘Marie Curie’ who are based in the heart of the Glasgow North & Bishopbriggs community..

They, along with speakers from ‘Who Cares Scotland’ – recently gave a presentation at the November District Council. The offers of ‘collaboration’ for mutual support & growth, can provide Rotary, with access to new networks of individuals, who may become rotarians, providing we use the opportunities wisely & effectively for all concerned.

An inspiring thought, that with shared considerations & actions – we may be able to create new pathways to our Routary Foundation – ‘6 areas of focus’, not only generating fundraising opportunities, but potential career options for the many volunteers involved, the impact locally & internationally could be phenomenal.

If you read my biography on the District website, you will understand my passion for the 3 sectors which our conference speakers were drawn from. Engineering; Education & Entrepreneurship – these define my life journey & the many influencies on me as I have gone through life. They also fit extremely well with our Rotary Foundation ‘6 areas of Focus’.

Each day, I am enthused & inspired by the Rotarians around me, the internet has made it very easy to identify new products & services available to us. We in Rotary must learn to embrace the technological developments & consider innovative ways in which we can promote Rotary & the ‘Service Above Self’ that we as Rotarians can provide to our communities, locally & to society as a whole.

When I was at the Ireland D1160 Conference, one speaker was a young man ‘paralized’ from the waist down. He had a ‘bionic frame’ suit (at work) which helped him to stand & move around, he was working with engineers to improve it & being treated by doctors who told him he would never walk again – using the ‘bionic suit’ he encourage them to come together & collaborate – the result was, a new business company.

By learning to ‘think differently’, we can create potential opportunities for consideration. Building links to those influencers involved with various ‘manufacturing sectors’ who wish to provide opportunities for personal development & growth, while encouraging their employees to provide a ‘Service Above Self’ while earning a living at the same time..

Rotary has a superb ‘incubation’ opportunity around the world, for a massive range of ‘entrepreneurial start up businesses’ which wish to develop products & services, not only  within the Rotary Foundation – ‘6 areas of focus’; but to assist our collaborating organisations too.

Scotland is The most entrepreneurial friendly country in the world, due to the development opportunities & support. We in Rotary provide opportunities for ‘young folk’ to be creative – let us continue that provision to youths & adults alike, thereby we may be able to engage them, rather than lose them..

Any investment into our Rotary Foundation, will generate multiple opportunities; as well as enabling partner organisations & funders to follow our lead, to bring new solutions to the issues within our ‘6 areas of focus’.

Jan is ‘Vocational Service’ month – the opportunity to share your ‘Service Above Self’ in

            your work environment.

            Feb is ‘Peace and Conflict’ month – ensuring reduction / prevention of conflict in various

                        situations, by promoting peace.

Yours in Rotary Service,

DG Jimmy

Jimmy’s monthly newsletter – 9

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Issue 9: NOVEMBER 2019.

As our District Conference has now finished, I have to give a tremendous thank you to the District Conference Team – also I wish to thank the Rotarians for registering and participating. The general feedback I am getting from several sources is, that everyone enjoyed the speakers and realised that they had a lot to offer, therefore some Rotarians made contact and will follow up in the near future.

What an inspiration everyone was, many thanks for your kind words and congratulations – but these must go to the Conference Team, Rotarians from GN&B Rotary and the Speakers for the major role they played in making it the success you felt it was. No matter the number of Rotarians, the impact locally and internationally made by your service, will be phenomenal.

For those of you who have read my biography on the District website, you will understand my passion for the 3 sectors which our conference speakers were drawn from. Engineering; Education and Entrepreneurship – these define my life journey and the many influencies on me as I have gone through life. They also fitted extremely well within our Rotary Foundation ‘6 areas of Focus’.

Each day, I am still being enthused and inspired by the Rotarians around me, the internet has made it very easy to identify new products and services available to us. We in Rotary must learn to embrace the technological developments and also consider innovative ways in which we can promote Rotary and the ‘Service Above Self’ that we as Rotarians can provide to our communities, locally and to society as a whole.

I am aware that there has been a ‘task group’ set up, to target various ideas and options to try and increase the number of new Rotarians, if you are aware of some who have recently stepped down, or if you know of any partners who have not been invited to join Rotary, please appeal to them to support the district again for a year or two, so that we can continue to have a presence in the West of Scotland.

I shall continue to strive to engage the ‘international student’ cohort, who are based in the ‘Halls of Residence’ in and around Partick and the University of Glasgow, thereafter I shall move on to the University of Strathclyde and Glasgow Caledonian, the City centre colleges will follow that, then the college campuses in and around Glasgow and Greater Glasgow, finishing with the University of The West of Scotland and the college campuses around the rest of the district – your input will be required to identify where these are.

I am aware that other districts are looking to the innovative ideas that we are considering to strive and engage new Rotarians, please encourage their input and support, it is only through building greater networks, will we have the opportunity to grow.

Time to get your ‘thinking cap’ on – learn to ‘think differently’ folks, seek out the potential opportunities for consideration. I will be looking for links to those influencers involved with the various ‘professional institutions’ who wish to provide opportunities for personal development and growth, to their registered professionals.

Rotary has a superb ‘incubation’ opportunity around the world, for a massive range of ‘entrepreneurial start up businesses’ which wish to develop products and services within the Rotary Foundation – ‘6 areas of focus’; indeed – Scotland has recently been given the title of the most entrepreneurial friendly country in the world, due to the development opportunities and support. We in Rotary provide opportunities for ‘young folk’ to be creative – let us continue that provision to youths and adults alike, thereby we may be able to engage them, rather than lose them..

Any investment by our Rotary Foundation, will generate multiple opportunities; as well as enabling partner organisations and funders to follow our lead, to bring new solutions to the issues within the ‘6 areas of focus’. Thereafter the provision can be expanded to consider the needs which are promoted through the 17 areas of focus, outlined by the United Nations.

Nov is ‘Rotary Foundation’ month – The Rotary Foundation is our own Charity.

            District Council is on the 13th November – in the Glynhill Hotel.

            Dec is ‘Disease Prevention and Treatment’ month – a wonderful opportunity to engage

                        and encourage ‘Young Entrepreneurs’.

                        You will also have to identify your ‘New Officers’ for the Rotary year – 2020 / 2021

                        either at the end of November or at the start of December – at the latest.

I think I have given you enough material to keep your creative minds working overtime, please search inside yourself and consider if – you can / will share this journey of ‘thinking differently’ with me, I need your skills; expertise; ideas; and your very valuable time – to enable us to grow Rotary in the West of Scotland. – ARE YOU WITH ME?

Yours in Rotary Service

DG Jimmy